Mentorship is a driving force in developing the next generation of leading talent. Women in Payments® is dedicated to fostering the career development of women payments professionals around the globe. Whether you’re striving to get ahead and create a tangible road map to success or you’re a seasoned professional who’s ready to give back, the Women in Payments® Global Mentorship Program has the network, platform and tools to help you do just that.

After much discussion with women leaders in the industry, we are pleased to announce our Global Mentorship Council — a group of passionate women leaders from around the global payments ecosystem, who will guide and shape the the Women in Payments® Global Mentorship Program.

Mentee applications are now closed. Please join us in October for Cohort 4.

How It works
Mentors and mentees will register and provide background and qualifying information about themselves to help the council make appropriate pairings. Participants will be given the option to be paired with someone from their own country, or a different country.
Parameters and Timelines
  • A 12-month program with mentor and mentee pairs in Australia, Canada, USA and UK.
  • 6 meetings over 12 months, 45-60 minutes in length, held at a convenient location (can be a virtual meeting as required)
  • $250 registration fee for each mentee
  • Women in Payments® will provide high-level guidance and topics for participants to use as backgrounders to kick off the mentor/mentee discussions. They will cover a range of topics with curated materials for reference. Mentors and mentees can select topics which they feel are most relevant to their objectives.
  • Please read the FAQ for more details.
Did you ever wish you had someone to help guide and prepare you for the best possible career path when you were starting out? Now’s your chance to fulfill that dream for someone else. By becoming a mentor, you’re not only giving back to our future payments leaders, but you’re increasing your profile and building respect and credibility.
Do you ever wish you had someone to help guide and prepare you for the best possible career path? Your own one-on-one advisor to give you practical advice on your strengths and weaknesses and provide you with the tools to improve? Now’s your chance to fulfill that dream and be mentored by a leading payments professional who has the experience, insight and know-how to expand your profile and help accelerate your career.

Global Mentorship Council

With extensive knowledge of the full spectrum of the global payments industry, the Mentorship Council provides guidance and input to the Women in Payments ® Global Mentorship Program—ensuring the highest calibre of mentorship pairings and relevant discussion topics to shape the overall experience and success of the program.

Anne Butler

Chief Legal Officer and Head of Policy and Research

Payments Canada

Vanessa Chapman

General Counsel and Company Secretary

NPP Australia Limited

Suzan Denoncourt

Managing Director

Ingenico Group Canada

Kathy Harkey

Senior Vice President

US Dataworks

Heather MacMillan

Vice President, Product Management, Retail Solutions


Susan Nicholson

Head of Enterprise & Government Financial Services, Trusted eCommerce Solutions

Australia Post

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