Paying it forward for the next generation

Shaping the next generation of women in our industry is something we take seriously at Women In Payments. In a still male-dominated payments and fintech industry, we believe mentorship is compelling, fulfilling and mutually beneficial for both sides of the relationship.

Become a mentor.

This is your chance to give back and help guide the future of female payments leaders. You’ll also gain valuable insights that will help you in your own career growth, while raising your own profile.

By providing guidance and insights you have developed over the course of your career journey, you’ll have the chance to learn about unspoken challenges facing the next generation of leaders as well as gain exposure to new market perspectives, and opportunities.



Become a mentee

Imagine having a one-on-one advisor to give you practical advice to navigate your career,  and champion you as you move forward with greater confidence.

Now’s your chance to fulfill that dream and be mentored by a leading female payments professional who has the experience, insight and know-how to help you accelerate your career.

If accepted into our mentorship program, you’ll benefit from regular confidential discussions with your mentor. You’ll cover a range of career development topics curated by our Global Mentorship Council personalized to you by you and your mentor.