General Manager & VP

Women in Payments

Sharing her career journey by answering the six questions below.

Who or what has been your biggest source of inspiration throughout your career?

A female senior executive from BMO comes to mind. She was my toughest critic, and strongest cheerleader. She gave me opportunities to profile myself, continue my education, and stretch my skills and did not hesitate to call out areas for development.

Would you say your success is primarily due to luck or hard work?

A combination of both. One of my pet peeves is incomplete tasks both in my personal life and professional life. That trait drives me to deliver and that gets noticed. I would also say that I have been very lucky to have been given opportunities to work internationally. My international experience helped to differentiate me when competing for roles, so I would say, a combination of luck and hard work has been my secret to success.

What is the driving force behind your career aspirations?

Curiosity. I am genuinely curious about emerging financial trends. I have been fortunate that my leaders have had enough confidence in me to put me in challenging situations; currency trading in Tokyo, derivatives at the time when it was an emerging treasury product, and now payments and all of the variations that this segment offers. These interesting opportunities have inspired me to learn, round out my knowledge and advance in my career.

If given the chance to do one thing differently in your career, what would it be and why?

I would have trusted my instincts and knowledge earlier in my career and spoken up in meetings.  I always felt like others knew more than I did and so I let them have the stage. I often felt afterwards that I should have contributed more. It didn’t hurt me in the long run, but I think I might have advanced farther than I did and had more fun if I was more engaged earlier on.

What was your most favourite job/role and why?

Currency Trader in Tokyo. It was wild. I was there at a time when the economy was booming, I had a fast-paced job and was surrounded by talent. I had the world by the tail, and it propelled my career when I returned to Canada.

Do you have a favorite motto or quote that guides your professional life?

“The only way to the other side is to go through”. This is so true and applies to a variety of circumstances. Tough decisions, tough jobs, or stepping stones in your career. We are all on a journey, not every step is perfect or easy.